College Counseling


Each year, many students aspire for admission to a prestigious college or university, but the supply of open seats often does not meet the demand from applicants. Earning admission to the best schools can be especially difficult.

Recent surveys concluded that top universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Princeton had an average acceptance rate of only 6%-7%. UC Berkeley and UCLA’s acceptance rate were around 17%.

Thus, we believe that college admission planning is both critical and essential for a child’s future.  At Kwan Academy, we offer a full-service College Admissions Counseling Program for students from 6th – 12th grades.  Students meet one-on-one with a personal Counselor once a month to discuss and manage their college planning and current workloads.

Our Counselors are all exceptionally trained and well educated to ensure the best college planning for our students. With insider information and diverse background, our Counselors are capable of guiding and mentoring students to develop healthy study habits, to manage time and stress, and to fully understand the college admission process.

About our College Counseling Program:



Personal Development

v   Goal Identification

v   Best Fit Identification

v   College Research

v   College Tours

Current Workload Management

v   Weighted GPA Performance

v    Organizing Time & Stress

College Planning

v   Strategic Planning

v   Special Summer Planning

v   Community Service Search

Admissions Counseling

v   Application Process

v   Entrance Essay

v   Admissions Interview Training


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