Summer : Fun-learning / Music

  Alternate Academic Camp for G3 to G8 and Chinese Language Learning Camp for K to G6 are also available.


Our Mission


Kwan Academy is dedicated to providing a fun and enriching summer camp that involves academic, musical, and personal growth as well as a place to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. We firmly believe in balanced education and fun-based learning. We provide both academic and non-academic programs to ensure that your child enjoys a full summer of balanced fun and learning.


There are a total of nine weekly sessions. Independent weekly contents are designed for flexible enrollment during the summer, as we have no minimum enrollment requirement.

Our skilled camp leaders (staff members) are trained to adapt an innovative curriculum catered to students who will enter grades K-5 in the Fall.

Our weekly programs are all designed by professionals in their respective fields to ensure the highest quality because we want the best for our kids hope your child will want to come back year after year.

This is why we maintain a low teacher to children ratio: to ensure excellent supervision, guidance, and a more intimate student-teacher relationship.



Week Date
Weekly themes

  1 6/10-6/14
Little Artist
  (Painting & Drawing)

  2 6/17-6/21
Pub. Speaking, Debate & Story Telling
  3 6/24-6/28
Little Strategic Chess Player
 (Lessons & mixed-age Chess tournament)

4 7/1-7/5
(No 7/4)

Abacus Mental Math
(Improving Math Skills)

  5 7/8-7/12
Robotic Science Camp I

Building Creative Models of Mechanics and Engineering
For higher graders
Additional advanced structure assemblies
  6 7/15-7/19
Different configuration of animals

  7 7/22-7/26
Music Camp I

Fun with learning musical instruments
(Try Ukulele, Woodwind and String Instruments)

  8 7/29-8/2
Robotic Science Camp II

  Remote Control Robot - building remote control motorized vehicles and machines.

For higher graders
Additional advanced assemblies

  9 8/5-8/9
Music Camp II
  Sing for Joy
(Sing and play more than 10 percussion instruments)

Music camp program descriptions (week 7 and 9)

Weekly Fee  

Weekly fees for the Fun-Learning camps (week 1 to 6 & 8):

--AM (Half Day): 8:30AM-12:30AM $199 (no lunch)

--PM (Half Day): 1:30PM-6:30PM $175 (no lunch)

--All Day: 8:30AM-6:30PM $289 (lunch inclusive)


Weekly fees for the Music camps (week 7 and 9):

        --AM KwanMusic Summer Camp Program (Half-Day)

         8:30AM-12:00AM $315 (no lunch)

      --PM (Half Day): 1:30PM-6:30PM $175 (no lunch)

      --All Day: AM - KwanMusic Summer Camp ProgramPM  

         8:30AM-6:30PM $ 420 (lunch inclusive)  

Registration fee $40; same-day registration is $75.  Once you registered, you are eligible for unlimited referral bonuses.

enrollment requirement
Two units

Q: What is a unit?

A: A unit is a weekly-half day. Here are some enrollment examples, a one-full week is 2 units; AM of week 1 is one unit; AM of week 1 and PM of week 2 is two units; 3 full weeks is six units, etc.

Early-bird discount
(First 20 seats only)
Register on or before April 15th (first 20 seats only)
  - For 14 units or more, 10% discount will be given, or,
  - For 6 units or more, 7% discount will be given,

Bundle Discount For week 1 to week 5, $1,250. (first 20 seats only.  No unit earned.)
Sibling discount 10% applies to the lower tuition sibling
  (Early-bird & sibling discounts cannot be taken concurrently.  The better of the two applies.)
Fee covers: Tuition for all-day enrollment includes lunch, and snack; however, for the week 1 and 6, there will be an additional $30 for material cost.  For weeks 5 and 8, there will be an additional $50 for the take-home robotic kit.
Fee excludes: Cost of weekly field trips to be incurred such as transportation, ticket, T-shirt, etc.
Activity pictures:  

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