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  Kwan Academy provides academic supplement tutoring up to grade 12 . Our programs are designed by educational professionals in their fields, to be implemented by passionate teachers ensuring top learning quality.

Whether your child wishes to stay on the course, stay ahead in school, or go to his university of choice, we help him realize his goals in the increasingly competitive education arena.

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               GPA & SAT Fundamental Improvement Courses (Small sized classes)            
  Subject                            Course  
  Homework Club Covering all subjects.  Mon-Thurs: 6pm - 9pm; Sat: 9am-12pm; 1pm-5pm  
  Biology Biology  
  Biology AP  
  Math Pre-Algebra  
    Pre-Calculus / Math Analysis  
    Calculus AB  
    Calculus BC  
English (G4+)                        Critical Reading / Writing and Vocabulary Building       
  Chemistry Chemistry / Chemistry Honor  
    Chemistry AP  
Physiology Physiology
  Physics Physics  
Physics AP
  SAT I SAT I - Critical Reading  
    SAT I - Writing  
    SAT I  - Math  
  SAT Subjects SAT II - Biology
SAT II - Chemistry
    SAT II - Physics  
    SAT II - Math  
    SAT II - English Literature  
  AMC Math  
  AMC Course Schedule  

Additional summer courses.