After School (k-7)



We ensure a well-rounded curriculum by offering a combination of academic and non academic courses. We collaborate closely with parents to ensure that their children learn in steady progress.

We understand that parents today have many choices in education supplement programs for their children outside of their regular school programs.

Kwan Academy is a learning center catered not only to children’s academy achievement, but also their responsiblities toward their own learning efforts.


Daily Schedule

  • Daily Chinese
  • Daily Math and English class
  • Daily homework assistance
  • Yummy nutritional snacks

 Weekly enrichment classes

  • Chess
  • Drawing
  • Kung-Fu
  • Private musical instrument lessons by KwanMusic



Annual activities

  • Annual performance
  • Semester competitions
  • Parents meetings

Tuition & Fees: 

  • 5 days: $775/M (Pickup inclusive for nearby schools)
  • 4 days: $715/M (Pickup inclusive for nearby schools)
  • Annual fee: $120
  • Material fee: $140 (A one-time annual fee at the time of registration)
  • Sibling discount: 10% applies to the lower tuition
  • Deposit: $250


We offer two types of lessons:

1) Simplified  简 体

2) CSL (Chinese as a Second Language)

拼音 (Pin Yin) will be taught as a fundamental skill set.


Chinese Lesson 中文課程

Your children will be grown to a technology century when Chinese will be mostly typed as oppose to hand-written. It is important that your children not only engaging in the conventional teaching method but also mastering typing. 

Kwan Academy designs curriculum that emphasize both writing and typing. Our lab is fully equipped with computers, allowing students to master their typing skills and learn Chinese the modern way. We make sure that our students can develop a life-long skill set that will not fade even after their high school and college years. 

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