Mission and Goal


Who We Are

Kwan Academy is a proactive enrichment center that provides counseling and tutoring for students who wish to excel in school and to prepare for college. 

We offer a wide variety of programs, ranging from single subject tutoring, scholastic test preparations, college planning and counseling for students. 

Our programs are precisely designed and passionately managed by seasoned professionals who are specialized in their respective fields. These programs are integrated into our overall program in a way that reflects our passion for educational development and are geared to student’s entire journey from elementary school through high school.


Our Mission

We aspire in guiding our students to reach their maximum academic potential and to prepare them for college admission and beyond.

We love to grow and develop with our students and treasure the long-term mutual trust and understanding that is built from such a relationship.  Most of our students have continued to be with  us for many years and  have realized that Kwan Academy truly care about their success and development.  We strive with them for excellence in every step and are determined to cater a better future for our students.

We encourage and welcome all parents to take a closer look at our program descriptions. Please feel free to contact us to further discuss how our programs can improve and enhance your child’s learning experience.


  Kwan Academy is conveniently located in downtown Cupertino on De Anza Blvd.