Kwan Academy Team


At Kwan Academy we only hire the most qualified advisors and tutors in the industry.  These staff members not only are among the best and have a proven track record in the academic field, but also have effective teaching skills.  Learning from those that have reached the peak of academia is the short cut to your child’s academic success.  At Kwan Academy, we strongly believe that success breeds success, and are dedicated to providing the instruction to make it happen.

Program Director

Mr. Edmond Kwan graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science.  He attended the MBA program at the Santa Clara University while he was employed by his first employer Hewlett Packard.  Since then he has held management and executive positions in international business development at various high-tech firms for many years.

Mr. Kwan has interacted with managements in different supply chains throughout the world. He recognized that managements hold the highest academic standings in some companies, but not all.

This leads to realization that people with more academic achievement often do well but are not necessarily guaranteed to be more successful than those with less achievements. Students who have balanced perspectives, well-rounded skill sets, and with deeper understandings of their strengths and weakness typically strides far better in the long run.   By the same token, universities are trying to select their applicants beyond a good GPA and high test scores with ever-changing criteria to extract students whom they feel will have higher chance to succeed in their careers.

Mr. Kwan is motivated to work with students in providing not only tutoring assistance to bolster their academic standings but also individually customized coaching for college preparation. 

Following his passion, Mr. Kwan founded Kwan Academy and has been actively helping students successfully enrolled into top universities.


Principal College Consultant
Advisor Wood   BA Policical Science - Stanford University
                                        MA Liberal Arts -
St. John's College

Advisor Wood began working full-time for a local tutoring company in Menlo Park.  While working as a tutor, Mr. Wood realized that his strengths not only resided in teaching high school students, but also in counseling them and their parents about college admissions.

For many years, Mr. Wood has taught, chaired departments, led committees, coordinated advanced diploma programs, and was a founding faculty member at a number of prestigious prep schools in both Northern and Southern California and in Switzerland.  Working diligently with school college guidance counselors, he has written recommendations for students that have been admitted to Stanford University and a number of elite universities and colleges for both undergraduate and graduate admissions.  Mr. Wood’s work with high school admission committees gave him valuable perspectives on developing student profiles and the college application process.

Mr. Wood finds satisfaction and appreciation as a high school mentor and coach. Helping young men and women navigate the challenging landscape of being a high school student has provided him insights on the nature of healthy and authentic development of teens. Moreover, they have proven to be essential in the college application and acceptance process, allowing students to recognize their passion and potential. Knowing which institution that best fits them is paramount to students’ life and career success.


Principal Instructor Profiles




Instructor Apps (BS, Baylor Univ;  MFA in English, U.C Irvine;  NYU School of Law)

Instructor Apps is an attorney specializing in education issues, as well as a teacher of writing.  He has taught writing skills to many adults and kids, including his own son who was recently home schooled for two years.  He is interested in teaching young people how to have fun with writing while simultaneously showing mastery of grammar, word choice and organization.

Some places instructor Apps has taught include Univ. of Calif. at Irvine (where he won an award for teaching), Chapman Univ., the Univ. of S. Florida, and the City Univ. of NY. He has also taught in elementary schools in the Santa Ana school district.  One of his favorite things about teaching writing is learning about his students by reading what they write.

Instructor Gardner (BA Sociology - UC Berkeley)

Instructor Gardner fell in love with English as soon as she could read. She graduated with honors a semester early from the University of California, Berkeley and was a teacher's assistant and tutor at Foothill College in Los Altos before transferring with multiple awards for outstanding academic and student services. She maintained top grades at both institutions and earned a 4.0 in all English and writing courses. She hopes to use her love for the language to assist youth in achieving their utmost academic potential. 


Instructor Fu (Ph.D  Chemistry - UC Berkeley)

Dr. Fu has mentored high school, undergraduate and graduate students in Chemistry research. In addition, she has extensive teaching experience as a TA and has led lab classes at UC Berkeley. She is passionate about enhancing the learning experience for her students and ensuring the development of effective problem-solving skills.


Instructor Chen (B.A Computer Sci - Fudan University)

Instructor Chen brings strong passion for helping students learn, understand, and master core mathematical concepts and principles.  Mr. Chen's teaching method not only helps students improve their overall Math grades, but also allows his students to have a comprehensive understanding of Math subject.  His Passion in Math tutoring was further ignited when the first students he had mentored for 6 months has achieved enviable AMC score with placement in top one percent.