Starts on 8/10 ∙ 408-253-8889 ∙ WeChat ID: KwanAcademyandMusic
MON–FRI  8:30AM–5:30PM (Pick up by 6:00PM)

TUITION: $1350/month (Lunch & snack inclusive)
Covid-19 measures: Safety distancing; teacher/student ratio up to 6 (facility limits at 12 – first come first serve); daily body temperature readings; face mask mandatory; hand washings; daily facility disinfection. 

#2  AFTER-SCHOOL online via ZOOM:
MON–FRI  3:30PM – 5:30PM

$450 for 5 days/week
$395 for 4 days/week. 

One Hour English & Math (Including break)
One Hour Chinese (Including break)
Homework Assistance
Day-school distance Learning Assistance* 
Afternoon Recreational Activities*
(* = full day in-person camp only)
One Hour of 
English & Math Enhancement
Classroom instructors are all high achievers with tier-one university education - Ivy League, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, etc.

- English reading, writing, and comprehension.
- Math enrichment, strengthening,
 and preparation.
- Unconventional teaching 

One Hour of Chinese
Pinyin and Simplified (Chinese teachers graduated from Normal University in China)

- Pure Chinese environment
- Reading, writing, and speaking

Recreational Activities

- Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Riddles, Singing, Music, Educational Games, etc.
- Snacks & outdoor fun!
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